Thinking of Applying for the 2019-2020 SAA Board of Directors?

Now’s your chance! Applications for the 2019-2020 SAA Board of Directors are now open through the Audiology Community! There are nine (9) positions available for next year: eight (8) Members at Large and one (1) President-Elect position. Learn more about this year’s SAA Board and their committees.

Still undecided? Check out testimonials from some of our current SAA Board members!

Liz Marler, SAA President

Being on the Board of Directors has been one of the greatest experiences of my graduate school journey! You get to advance the profession by contributing to big ideas and initiatives, serve as a representative and leader for the student body at large, and network with a number of successful professionals and students. Participation in the SAA gets you out of your own universities and aware of the greater field of audiology. I recommend it to everyone!

Riley DeBacker, President-Elect

One of my favorite parts of being on the Board is feeling like I’m working towards a solution. I don’t think I’m alone in noticing things I wanted to change both about my education and our profession. As a part of the SAA Board, I was able to help create a task force on the education and externship process to help push for changes where students identified problems. I also had the opportunity to directly interact with numerous professionals who are in positions to help put those changes in place. That doesn’t even begin to touch on all the awesome experiences I’ve had working with other motivated students from across the country. In short, I can’t recommend any part of my grad school experience more highly than the SAA board!

Jeni Whittaker, Past President

I applied to run for the Board of Directors after spending a year volunteering on an SAA Committee (thanks Hanna Page for being an incredible inspiration). I had such a positive experience on my committee that I wanted an opportunity to work with other students and facilitate a similar experience for them. Working and meeting with other students through the SAA Board of Directors has been life-changing. I have made lifelong friends and colleagues!

Anastasia Grindle, Member at Large

Volunteering for national SAA and being on the SAA Board of Directors has been a highlight of my time in graduate school. I too was urged to volunteer by Hanna Page and found an amazing group of friends and student leaders, all interested in advancing the profession. As the Chapter and Member Relations Committee Chair, I am constantly inspired by the great work all our local SAA Chapters are doing to advocate in, educate, and support their communities. I strongly urge great chapter leaders to take their service to the next level by applying for the SAA Board of Directors. It is an honor to represent the student voice of audiology. Eleven out of ten, would recommend.

Amanda Mueller, Member at Large

I have loved every minute of being a part of the SAA Board of Directors! You will not find a more driven group of students dedicated to serving our profession and making an impact on our future! I decided to run because I wanted to take my passion for audiology to the next level. Being on the Board has pushed me to really think about the difference I want to make, and I have been given all the resources and tools to make it happen. I highly encourage anyone who is even thinking about running to do it! I promise you will not regret it!


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