SAA Valentine’s Day Social

Looking for a great way to spread some love this Valentine’s Day? The University of Colorado at Boulder’s SAA chapter made a special set of Valentines to give to children with hearing loss by asking for donated stuffed animals and then attaching a set of sewn hearing aids to them.

How we set up our Valentine’s Day Social:

  • We set up several donation boxes for stuffed animals around the Speech, Language and Hearing Science Department
    • We were able to collect up to 50 donated stuffed animals!
  • We gathered on a Saturday morning to enjoy bagels and coffee and to make the hearing aids for the stuffed animals
  • Using felt, cotton stuffing, and sewing kits (thread and needle), we made hearing aids for each stuffed animal
    • Using the patterns, we were able to make different colored hearing aids and hooks. We also made hearing aids of different sizes
    • If you are using the CI pattern you can attach the processor to the coil using yarn
  • After having made the hearing aids/CIs, we attached them to each stuffed animal using needle and thread
  • We were creative and gave some stuffed animals bilateral hearing aids and others unilateral
  • After finishing all the stuffed animals, we donated them to a Denver Public elementary school to give to their students who have hearing loss

How to create your own Valentine’s Day Social:

  • Buy or ask for donated stuffed animals
    • If using donated stuffed animals, be sure to sanitize them!
  • Buy cotton stuffing and felt for the hearing aids
  • Make sure to have several sewing kits (needles and thread)
  • Using attached pattern (which you can download) make hearing aids and/or cochlear implants
    • You can make them in all different colors, patterns, and sizes!
  • After makingthe hearing aids, attach them to each of the stuffed animals’ ears.
    • Some animals can wear bilateral hearing aids and others could have only one hearing aid
  • Donate to children with hearing loss!

Be creative and have fun planning your own Valentine’s Day Social!

Emily C. Nightengale is a third-year Au.D. student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She served as the Social and Education Chair on CU’s SAA Board. She is looking forward to completing her externship at Children’s Hospital Colorado for her fourth-year. Her interests within audiology include pediatrics, electrophysiology, and working with children who are deaf plus.


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